Maroni yesterday, today and tomorrow

Welcome to the village of Maroni, Cyprus. Through these pages and the posts therein we hope to share with you a little of what makes Maroni special. We trust that you will enjoy browsing and come back often.

Maroni is a small coastal village within the Larnaca district of the Republic of Cyprus. What we may lack in size, we make up for in diversity and character. We wish you a warm welcome.

Feel free to like us on FaceBook, tweet about Maroni on Twitter and be a commentator through the comments section. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Maroni yesterday, today and tomorrow

  1. Martyn's

    I haven’t seen, read, heard about this seemingly new Maroni site, which to me looks like the nucleus of a ‘participatory’ site which ought to be welcomed.

    It would be useful to know more about the site’s Objectives, Editorial Policy, User Terms and Conditions etc.

    I’m ready (willing and able! thankfully) to start having fun.

    I look forward to learning more shortly


    1. Andreas R Post author

      Hi Martyn,

      At the moment the site is a ‘place holder’ for an idea that I have and would like to develop. Let’s have a chat and see where that takes us?



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